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The POPPORN Podcast has been lying dormant for sometime. But now, it's back, bigger, better and certainly more annoyingly than ever.

Brian Bangs sits down with two, well-known dicks and talk up some big league bullshit! ENJOY!

Hey you suckers, how about you groove down with our phone interview with MTV's TEEN MOM, Farrah Abraham. She's recently released a porn video starting her along side James Deen. This interview is in-depth and real as fuck! Juice down!

When Spock BUCKTON and MEAT BALL go missing, Brian Bangs is forced to host the POPPORN Podcast solo. Not knowing what to do, two guests appear on the POPPORN front doorstep and become the guests for the show. This duo, going by the name of the Warpblers (the "p" is silent) take the POPPORN Podcast on a journey never expected. You will be shocked...you will be confused. And, you will most likely be annoyed. But, you will learn about "goof rock" and what happens when two brothers set out to conquer the world one song at a time. Are you ready?


Are you looking for some meaning in your life? Well look no further than the hip-swingin' groove-tastic mellow blows of the POPPORN.com podcast. Spock BUCKTON, MEAT BALL and Brian Bangs weigh in on yet another boat load of topical stuff that will have your mind wrecked in twisting, alternate currents of white wash. This week's episode features topics such as POPPORN's Man vs. Pussy, Zippy the Pinhead, Chicago Exxxotica, Nancy Grace, FyreTV and special guest visitor Attak of Tha Clonz (a teenage reject) visits the studio.


It's time to jump back into the stupid with Spock BUCKTON, Brian Bangs and MEAT BALL from POPPORN.com. This week, the guys chat with Wicked Pictures contract star jessica drake. She dishes about her recent "beef" with adult porn star Kristina Rose. In addition, the boys meet one of their heroes...director, musician, painter...David Lynch!

So jump back in and go knee deep!


Spock BUCKTON, Brian Bangs and MEAT BALL are back for another round of hot-button political discussions and important commentary on public housing funding. That and discussions about your favorite porn stars and their lack of taste when it comes to music. Chats about the upcoming Marvel film, X-Men First Class as well as opinionated reviews of Rush, Robert Duvall, classic video games like Super Mario Brothers and a whole lot more.

So jump right in and let's get some stupidity going.


Hey folks, we're back! It's been a long time, but we've been really, really busy. Nonetheless, we're back and ready to party. So much partying that it might be too much partying. TOO MUCH!

In this awesome show, we had a pretty amazing surprise when we were visited by Joey Kramer from the legendary rock band, Aerosmith. We spend the day chatting about sex, Disney World and much, much more.

Come visit with Spock BUCKTON, MEAT BALL and Brian Bangs for another sweet round of POPPORN.com PODCAST!


It’s hard to believe that it’s been several weeks since our last podcast. In fact, it’s been a couple of months. But you must remember that to be this awesome, we need space to create and ponder the larger issues that face our world. Thus, upon our return, enlightenment can be whole.

This time, we focus on the abstract nature adult content versus the new Feminism and how they trade in a patriarchal society.

Plus, we talk about comic books.

Ohhh boy, are you in for a humdinger with this here episode of the POPPORN PODCAST. Chock full o' nuts and wafers that are sure to choke you out and spill your spleen on the front lawn. Just like Pappy used to do!

This time BUCKTON, Bangs and MEAT BALL talk Simpsons podcasts, Joanna Newsom, Porn Parodies and more.


In another stimulating podcast, the POPPORN crew waxes philosophical on the current season of LOST while also discussing Axl Rose and his many beefs, Shecter guitars and the make a phone call to long lost porn star, STOYA.


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